Free Webinar | Managing Clinical Trial Data Collection for Success During and After COVID-19: From Virtual Trials, EDC to DDC, BYOD, and Beyond

June 24, 2020 | 1:00-2:00 pm EDT

The COVID-19 pandemic has turned research business-as-usual upside down. The obvious solution to the logistical problem of running a trial without spreading the infection you are trying to extinguish is a virtual trial. Technology for virtual trials — bring your own device (BYOD) ePRO and direct data capture (DDC) — have been in place for several years, but the implementation of these innovative approaches has stagnated. While cleaner data, reduced cost, and patient engagement are all benefits of virtual study implementations, perhaps the biggest accelerator to their wider adoption will be the COVID-19 pandemic and its impact on how trials are conducted.

Although based on a simple concept, the details, nuances, and varied aspects of virtual and hybrid trials are complex. This webinar will speak to solutions, including DDC and BYOD, that make virtual and hybrid trials a reality.

Why should you listen to Clinical Ink? From a pioneering Ebola vaccine study of 6,000 patients in sub-Saharan Africa to our track record of successful BYOD studies involving 15,000 patients across Phase I–IV+ clinical trials, we have spent years developing solutions in our Lumenis™ toolbox along with the know-how to implement and run virtual and hybrid virtual trials.

Coverage includes:

  • How hybrid trial implementations help during the current COVID-19 pandemic1
  • How virtual trials ease physician office burden during time of stress to the healthcare system
  • Why DDC trials make sense for infectious disease studies
  • How hybrid studies reduce trial costs, improve data quality, and engage patients
  • Why the FDA and EMA both encourage DDC practices
  • How BYOD trials fit in this lexicon and help to recruit and retain patients in these socially distant times

Speaker Biographies

Doug Pierce
President, Clinical Ink

Doug Pierce co-founded Clinical Ink in 2007 to revolutionize clinical trials by eliminating the complexities and costs associated with paper-based data capture processes. In his role as president and co-founder, Mr. Pierce brings more than 20 years of experience in digital forms technology and mobile data capture to lead the strategic direction, development, and evolution of Clinical Ink’s eSource suite.

Jonathan Andrus
Chief Business Officer, Clinical Ink

As Chief Business Officer, Jonathan leads Clinical Ink’s sales, commercial operations and solution management to help sponsors and CROs better leverage eSource, eConsent, eCOA, and ePRO data. With 20+ years of experience, he brings extensive expertise developing eClinical services that integrate data and technology to help life science companies optimize study execution. At Clinical Ink, he is ultimately responsible for P&L across Clinical Ink’s products and services and is also focused on building relationships and forging strategic partnerships with sponsors, CROs, regulatory bodies, and clinical research professionals.